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    15+ years of experience with finding high-quality promotional products items your recipients—be it customers, VIP clients, or employees—will cherish and use long-term.

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Effortless gifting, guaranteed quality. Browse 3000+ standout gifts, get instant quotes, and enjoy personalised support—all designed to make a lasting impression.


We’ll always double-check any orders to ensure all customisations are done accurately. Moreover, each order is checked by a QC team before it is shipped.


Our team is continuously researching, testing and trying new products to add to our catalogue of 3000+ high-quality, competitively-priced gifts.


Our team is available to work hand-in-hand with you to make sure the gifts you give make a lasting, positive impression on your recipients, whether that’s a supplier, employee or a client.


We’ve automated the entire browsing and buying experience. Easily find what you’re looking for, upload your design, mockup your products and checkout in a matter of seconds. Simple.

15 years dedicated to Gifts that people keep.

Let’s speak plainly: A pen which lasts around 5 days and then runs dry isn’t going to leave a particularly positive, lasting impression. Be it a pen, a tote bag or a premium whiskey set, we’re serious about high quality gifts that combine function, value and presentation. That’s why we only add offerings that we know will stand the test of time.

Words pledge, but reviews prove.

That’s why we’re so thankful for feedback from our clients. They help us convince new clients that they can trust us.



We blend luxury with affordability, offering top-tier products without breaking the bank. Ideal for any campaign or event.

Born in 2007, Mompalao doesn’t just supply promotional items; we elevate your brand’s aura. Rooted in Malta yet branching out to Switzerland, we’re your European branding ally.

From Farsons and KPMG to local luminaries like the Malta Tourism Authority and the University of Malta, Prohealth (importers of Vichy & La Roche-Posay) and The Office of the President, we’re the go-to for promotional panache.

Fresher’s Week

As temperatures drops, it’s time to think about warming up your brand strategy with winter promotional items! Such items not only keep recipients cozy but also keep your brand top-of-mind throughout the chilly season. Remember, the key to successful winter promotional items is choosing practical gifts that align with your brand and target audience. By prioritising both warmth and brand messaging, you’ll create a winning formula that keeps your brand top-of-mind all winter long!

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